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Lexmark XS860

Lexmark XS860

900.80 Firmware Error when Performing ADF Scans and Exceeding Input Tray Limits on the X860, X862, and X864 MFP

What you will see

A 900.80 Firmware Error displays on the printer when utilizing the Autodocument feeder (ADF) to perform various scan functions.

Affected Printers

  • X860
  • X862
  • X864

Additional Identifiers

  1. Error occurs between approximately between 277 and 400 pages.

  2. More paper is fed* into the ADF tray than the maximum 75-sheet input tray allows.

  3. The error-state can be replicated.

*Chain feeding the paper or adding more paper to the input tray before original paper runs out; hence, the ADF never reaches an empty state.

Suggested Remedy

Copy only

Enable the Custom Job feature.

To do this, select Copy > Options > Custom Job from the operator panel.

A limitation of 1,000 pages still exists when selecting this option.


The chain feeding of sheets into the ADF is not supported. Future firmware changes will post a message "Job too long" when the ADF scan job is over 75 pages.

Still Need Help?

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