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Lexmark C746

Lexmark C746

Colored content appears in black and white when print previewed in Microsoft PowerPoint

Issue description

The content appears in grayscale or black and white when viewing a colored presentation in Print Preview using Microsoft PowerPoint

Expected Print Preview behaviorCurrent Print Preview behavior

This issue occurs when Print in black and white is selected under the Quality tab in Printer Properties or Printing Preferences.

Switching from color to grayscale does not change the preview in actual time.


Unselect the Print in black and white option to avoid encountering this issue.


Microsoft PowerPoint treats the driver as a black-and-white printer when the Print in black and white option is selected from outside the application.

Changing the settings to Color within the application does not affect the Print Preview since it generalizes the overall settings.

This issue is considered as an Application Limitation.

If the issue persists, then search for more information related to this issue or contact customer support.

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