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Lexmark C925

Lexmark C925

FW3.2 (.P305) release notes

Lexmark FW3.2 release notes (January 2014)

Since .P278 and .P303 – All Models: C746/C748 C792 C925 C950 X548 X746/X748 X792 X925 X95x* 6500e**


  • *An x denotes any number within a printer model series.
  • **Any printer equipped with the 6500 scanner option.
  • Enhancements
    • Added support for new 4.3" (109.22mm) display hardware
    • Added support for Lexmark Secure Content Monitor application
    • Improved energy savings and compliance with new regulations
    • Added Timed-Hibernate feature to all devices
    • Added PDF compression (MRC compression for advanced E-mail app and Solutions Apps only)
    • Walk-up ability to capture device debug logs and to export logs.tar.gz to thumbdrive from front panel
    • Added support for TIFF JPEG compression
    • Added EWS interface for RGB Replacement
    • Added JFIF header support for JPEG
  • Updated the standard solutions:
    • Scan to Network version 3.8.4
    • Forms and Favorites version 4.0.6
    • Remote Operator Panel version 3.2.0
    • WS-Scan version 3.2.0
    • USB My MFP version 3.2.0
  • Fixes and various items addressed
    • Background and Idle Screen 3.8.1
    • Forms and Favorites version 3.2.0
    • Remote Operator Panel version 3.3.0
    • Eco-Setting 3.0.11
    • Showroom 2.5.1
  • Fixes and Other Improvements
    • Several Fax issues, both analog and fax over IP (FoIP)
    • Addressed several shortcut issues, including the ability to select multiples
    • Fixed several tray linking issues
    • Addressed several issues related to exiting "sleep" mode
    • Fixed several issues where supplies were not reporting the correct Maximum Capacity
    • Fixed a couple issues with NPA/SNMP causing a hang, if commands were sent at certain times
    • Added UCF keys to the variables located on the Supplies Notification web page
    • Improved some translations, especially for the DBCS languages
    • Applied security patches to bring these devices up to the latest level including Openssl CVE-2014-0224 SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability; Note: these products did not have the TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160) issue.
    • Improved the VLML support
    • Fixed several timing issues that could result in a hang or 900 Software Service Error
    • Added ADF page counts to the event log for Scanner Jam events
    • Improved the devices ability to cancel jobs
    • Fixed several Postscript issues, some of which may lead to 900.43 Service errors
    • Fixed several PDF errors, some may lead to error messages or garbage output
    • Fixed some PCL/XL/GL issues, including the ability to suppress blank pages in XL
    • Changed default Hibernate setting from "Disabled" to "3 days" to match other Lexmark devices: (Note that "Hibernate on Connection" default setting is still "Do Not Hibernate.")
  • Firmware release notes relating to engine code: X548 – LHS40.VK.E401 (from LHSX.VK.E141H)
    • Improved supplies communication when exiting sleep mode
    • Improved security of engine communication
    • Eliminated a hang on the Main Menu after pressing # button coming out from overnight sleep
  • C792/X792 – LHSX.HC.E157 (from LHSX.HC.E155)
    • Eliminated a 900.00 FW Error crash after resolving paper jam and pressing continue button
    • Improved debug for 913.44
    • Return the Part Number of supplies when available
  • C74x/X748 – LHSC.CM.E250 (from LHSC.CM.E248)
    • Improved Job Accounting when the front page is black
    • Fixed a hang that could occasional happen when trying to cancel a job


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