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Lexmark C950

Lexmark C950

Enabling and disabling automatic tray linking

Issue description

When one linked tray becomes empty, paper automatically feeds from the next linked tray.


Assign custom paper types unique custom type names such as letterhead and different colored plain papers. This prevents trays containing custom-type paper from being accidentally linked.

EWS Procedure

  1. Open a web browser, and then type the printer IP address in the address field.

    Note:  Identify the IP address either on the control panel (Home Screen) or Settings > Reports > Network Settings Page. Example:

  2. Click Settings > Paper Menu.

  3. Change the paper size and type settings for the trays you are linking. To link trays, make sure the paper size and type for the tray match that of the other tray.


    • Tray 1 – Size: Letter, Type: Plain
    • Tray 2 – Size: Letter, Type: Plain
    • Tray 4 (2000 Sheet tray) – Size: Letter, Type: Plain

    To unlink trays, make sure the paper size or type for the tray does not match that of the other tray.

  4. Click Submit.

Control panel procedure

The Paper Size setting is automatically set according to the position of the paper guides in each tray except for the multipurpose feeder.

The Paper Type setting must be set manually for all trays that do not contain plain paper. From the home screen navigate or tap: Menu icon > Paper Menu > Paper Size/Type > select a tray > select the paper size or type > Submit.

Note:  Paper loaded in the tray should match the paper type name assigned in the printer. The temperature of the fuser varies according to the specified paper type. Printing issues may occur if settings are not properly configured.

Virtual Configuration Center (VCC)

This procedure is effective for turning OFF and ON tray linking for large printer fleets. It does require that ALL trays already be initially linked for this to work properly.

  1. Export the printer’s current Configuration File via embedded web server (EWS) > Settings > Configuration Files > Export.

    Note:  Check out this article to view the detailed steps on how to export the Configuration File.

  2. Extract the file, and then edit the bundle.xml with the value below:

    <setting name="print.traysLinked">Off</setting>

  3. Recompress the file into and import to the device via EWS > Settings > Configuration Files > Import.

Note:  Certain models may require a firmware update for this method to work properly. Identify your printer's base code and update it if necessary.


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