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Lexmark C950

Lexmark C950

How to Set LDD to discover IP addresses Ending in .0 and .255


This article details the steps required to make sure that x.x.x .0 and x.x.x .255 IP addresses are discoverable in the Lexmark Document Distributor ( LDD).

Find this setting on the Lexmark Management Console ( LMC) > Device Groups tab> select [Group] > Discovery Profiles.

Supported products

See supported printers list found on Lexmark Document Distributor Administrator's Guide.


Perform the following steps:

1 On the Load Balancer server, go to C:\Program Files\Lexmark\Solutions\apps\wf-ldss\WEB-INF\classes, and then open
2 Locate the server.subnetMask entry, and then update the value to match the subnet mask of the IP addresses (e.g., subnet mask for a 10.84.9 .0 or 10.84.8 .255 IP address).
3 Go to Start, type Services, double-click Services to open, and then and restart the Lexmark Solutions Application Server service.


The file’s default configuration uses a class C network with a subnet mask.

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