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Lexmark C950

Lexmark C950

Downloading the latest Lexmark printer firmware

How to download firmware and drivers

  1. Before you proceed in downloading the firmware, please see Checking the latest Lexmark printer firmware first to know what is the latest firmware version installed in your printer.

  2. Go to the Drivers and Download search page.

  3. Search for the desired Lexmark product model.

  4. The most recent date indicated in the Date Released column is the latest version of the firmware.

  5. Once you click the link for the latest firmware, a pop up window will appear for the Fimware End User License Agreement.

  6. Check the box to agree and click the Start Download button to begin the firmware download.

Additional information

For instructions on how to update the printer firmware, click Updating the Lexmark printer firmware.

If you are using the Lexmark Smart Card Authentication Client (SCAC) on any of the devices below, do not upgrade your printer firmware to LW90.xx.P015 until further notice. Refer first to Smart Card Authentication Client (SCAC) breakage with LW90.xx.P015.

  • MS315, MS415, MS417 MS510, MS517, MS610dn, MS617 M1140+, M1145, M3150dn MS610de, M3150de MX410, MX417, MX510, MX511, MX517 XM1140, XM1145 MX610, MX611, MX617 XM3150 MS710, MS711, MS810dn, MS811, MS812dn, MS817, MS818 M5163dn MS810de M5155, M5163de MS812de M5170 MX710, MX711, MX717, MX718, MX810, MX811, MX812 XM5163, XM5170, XM5263, XM5270, XM7155, XM7163, XM7170, XM7263, XM7270 MS911 MX910, MX911, MX912 XM9145, XM9155, XM9165 CS510, CS517 C2132 CX410, CX417 XC2130 CX510, CX517 XC2132


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