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Lexmark C950

Lexmark C950

Download target setting is reset after power on reset (POR)

Issue description

You are unable to permanently select DISK as download target. The Download Target setting in the Setup menu resets to RAM every time the printer is power cycled or set back to factory defaults.

Embedded Web server location: Settings > Print Settings > Setup Menu > Download Target

Note:  This setting does not apply to held print jobs.


The default RAM value is stored in NVRAM (Non-volitile random access memory). The behavior is such that it avoids any unwanted or unexpected copying of resources (fonts, symbols, formsets, etc.) to flash or hard disk.

The download target setting only takes effect when changing to RAM from either FLASH or DISK to copy resources, e.g., fonts, symbols, formsets, macros etc.

A special product request would be required to change this default behavior.


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