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Lexmark C950

Lexmark C950

Troubleshooting errors when Scanning to Remote devices for Lexmark Physician Orders Routing

Issue description

When you scan a document through the Physician Orders Routing app, it registers an error when connecting to a remote device. A possible cause why the app is unable to communicate with the remote device is due to the difference in the IP address ranges or a firewall could be blocking the app's TCP ports.


The Physician Orders Routing app uses the 9100 and 9500 TCP(transmission control protocol) ports on the receiving device, while the sending device uses a random /ephemeral port.

Both ports are hard coded in the app and have different functions:

  • Port 9100 is used to send the scan.
  • Port 9500 is used for the status.

Print the following printer internal pages. (User's Guide provides instructions for navigating through the printer menus).

To resolve this issue, make sure to allow the 9100 and 9500 ports through the firewall.

Note:  The settings for allowing ports will depend on the firewall that is currently installed on your device.


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