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Lexmark T656

Lexmark T656

General Settings on the X64x, X772, X782, X85x, and X94x Embedded Web Server



This article provides a brief description of all of the configurable settings found under the printer's Embedded Web Server (EWS) > Configuration > General Settings. For newer models, see your printer's User's Guide for details regarding the options on this menu, which is found under the EWS > Settings > General Settings.

NOTE: Security permissions set on the device may prevent access to these settings. See to view steps to access printer's EWS.

General Settings explained

Bold text indicates MFP default settings.

EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
Display LanguageAdjusts user interface layout for user interface and web page.
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Brazilian-Portuguese
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • Simplified Chinese*
* Chinese font card required for operation.
KeyboardAdjusts MFP keyboard layout.
  • Keyboard languages similar to above.
  • Two configurable Custom keyboard keys.
  • Accents/Symbols
Paper SizesDetermines default paper sizes based on geography.
  • US
  • Metric
Show initial promptsConfigures the MFP to show initial setup prompts after the device is powered on.
  • Yes or No

Note: After the setup wizard on the device has completed, this setting defaults to No.

Displayed informationAllow user to determine what is displayed in the upper left- and right-hand corners of the user interface.Selections for both left- and right-hand corner of the MFP user interface:
  • None
  • IP Address
  • Hostname
  • Contact Name
  • Location
  • Date/Time
  • mDNS/DDNS Service Name
  • Zero Configuration Name
  • Custom Text 1 (User controlled)
  • Custom Text 2 (User controlled)
Date FormatSpecifies displayed date format based on the geographical location.
Time FormatSpecifies displayed time format for 12 or 24 hour clock.
  • 12 hour A.M./P.M.
  • 24 hour clock
General DefaultsSets certain default printer parameters based on the geographical location.
  • U.S. or International
Settings affected:
  • Tray defaults: Letter-to- A4
  • Manual Envelope (10 Envelope-to- DL Envelope)
  • Default MP Feeder Paper Size: Letter- to-A4
  • Original copy size: Letter-to-A4
  • Original fax send size: Letter-to-A4
  • Original E-mail Size:
  • Original FTP size
  • Universal Units-of-Measure (mm- to-inches)
  • Date Time Format: MM-DD-YYYY-to-DD-MM-YYYY
Screen BrightnessAdjusts the brightness of the LCD on the control panel.
  • 5 dark
  • 100 bright
Show BookmarksThis setting allows or prevents the viewing of bookmarks.
  • Yes or No
Refer to the following articles for more information about bookmarks:
  • xref_HO3029_xref for information about the creation of bookmarks.
  • xref_HO3032_xref for information about the selection of bookmarks.
Allow Background RemovalThis setting allows or prevents the filtering of background images or artifacts when performing a scan.
  • Yes or No
Note: The option of background removal is not removed from the menu in many instances; if you notice no change in the appearance of scanned output, this may be the cause.
Allow Custom Job ScansThis setting allows or prevents job stacking or building.
  • Yes or No
Custom Job example:10 bill of lading pages scanned from auto document feeder; 10 book pages scanned from flatbed; 10 pages scanned from accounts receivable.
Scanner Jam RecoveryDetermines if the MFP recovers an entire print job or just the affected page of the print job when a scanner jam occurs.
  • Job level
  • Page level
Web Page Refresh RateDetermines how often the web page refreshes to reveal tray status or other printer notifications on the remote status screen.
  • 120
  • Range: 30 - 300 seconds
Asset TagPersonal identification of the device.
  • ~32 character limit
  • Accessed via Reports > Device Information
Contact NameSpace provided for contact information in the event that a user cannot determine the cause of an intervention condition.
  • ~70 character limit
  • Viewable via the EWS under IP address and Location.
LocationAdditional identifier to use when describing the MFP location.
  • ~63 character limit
  • Viewable via the EWS under IP address.
LAA*Allows for local administration of the MAC/UAA hardware address (required in certain networking environments).
  • 000000000000
Printer LanguageAn exclusive EWS feature that forces one printer language over the other.
  • PCL emulation
  • PostScript emulation is available for incoming host communications and is useful for determining printing anomalies in multi-emulation printing environments.
Print AreaAn exclusive EWS feature that modifies the logical and physical printable area.
  • Normal
  • Fit to Page
  • Whole Page
Note: The Whole Page setting only affects pages printed using the PCL 5 interpreter. This setting has no effect on pages printed using the PCL XL (PCL 6) or PostScript interpreters. Click here for additional information.
Download TargetFonts, macros, overlays, watermarks and other resources will be targeted for RAM, flash or hard drive.
  • RAM
  • Flash
  • Hard Drive (Disk)
Note: Flash and Disk will only be available if the disk is formatted and not Read/Write protected. Click here for additional information.
Resource SaveAn exclusive EWS feature that saves frequently accessed fonts, macros and other resources.
  • Off or On
If On is selected, 38 Memory Full may appear as you reach the maximum save limit as determined by total MFP memory allocation resources. Click here for additional information.
Banner PageAn exclusive EWS feature that allows you to enable the printing of banner pages. The banner page displays the following Job Information:
  • Job owner or port number
  • Host operating system or protocol
  • File name
  • Job source
  • Queue name
Note: Banner page information is dependent upon printing protocol and application considerations.
  • Off or On
  • MFP audible alerts for intervention conditions (Single),
  • Toner low audible alerts (Off).
  • Off
  • Single (three short beeps)
  • Continuous (three short beeps every 10 seconds)
Timeouts and Print RecoveryMultiple timeout settings control the following:
  • Standby Mode
  • Power Saver Mode (45 min)
  • ScreenTimeout (30 sec)
  • Print Timeout (90 sec)
  • Wait Timeout (40 sec)
  • Network Job Timeout (90 sec)Note: Time before TCP/IP port closure.
Click here for further details.
Schedule Hours of operation Additional power and time saving control on the MFP.
  • Actions: Wake Device or Enter Power Saver
  • Time: 12-hour or 24-hour format
  • Day(s): Monday - Friday
Example: If configured to Wake Device in the morning, the MFP will come out of power save mode in the morning, perform its calibration(s) and be ready to print.

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