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Lexmark T654

Lexmark T654

TSB (TSB_106): T65x - System Card Failure Causing Print to Compress to 2/3 Regular Size

Bulletin# T65X_106Problem Description
Machine Type/Model

4062 4551 4552 4553 -all models

The print on the page is compressed anywhere from three quarters to one half its original size. The remaining area of the page is black.


Power the printer off and on. If that does not correct the issue, replace the System Card.

Date Created05/15/09
Last Updated05/15/09
Safety Issue?No
Code Update?No
Engineering Change?No
New Parts?No
Old Parts Statusn/a
Voltage: 120/240All
Serial No. RangeAll


What you will see

Recommended Actions


For the first time this type of issue occurs:

  • Power off the printer.
  • Allow it to sit for one minute.
  • Then power it back on.
  • Try printing again to see if this corrects the issue.

If the issue continues use the printer's operator panel to print an internal Menus Settings page. The Menu Settings page is located under the Reports menu.

  • If the Menu Settings page prints correctly, try printing from the computer again. If the issue occurs only when printing from the computer, try printing from different programs or applications to see if one particular program or print job is experiencing the issue.
    If you are printing from a PowerPoint or the Microsoft Office 2004 Suite for Macintosh, the customer will need to install an update to Microsoft Office 2004 to correct this issue.
  • If the issue occurs when printing the Menu Settings page as well, continue with the steps below.

Using the printer operator panel, enter the Paper Menu and check the Paper Size settings. Confirm that the paper size setting for each tray correctly matches the paper or print media loaded in that tray.


If none of the suggestions above correct the issue, try replacing the System Card. See below for parts numbers.


If the part numbers below do not work, please contact Lexmark Technical Support to get the current part numbers:

  • T650 - 40X4375
  • T652 - 40X4474
  • T654 - 40X5911
5If replacing the system card does not correct the issue, please consult your next level of support before setting up additional service.


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