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Lexmark T650

Lexmark T650

920 type service fuser error

What you will see

The printer displays a '920.xx' Service Fuser error (where 'x' can be any number). Examples of this error include: 920.06, 920.12, and 920.40.

What the error means

A 920 type error indicates that the printer registers the fuser unit (the internal heating element) as not having reached its proper operating temperature.

Recommended actions

1 If this is the first time a Service Fuser error has appeared on the printer, power it off. Wait ten seconds, and then power the printer on again. The printer should come up to the Ready state. If it does, try printing again.
  • If the fuser error does not return after you have printed a few pages, continue using the printer as normal. Pay close attention to the printer over the next few days, however, to see if the fuser error returns.
  • Continue with the suggestions below if the fuser error returns on power-up or within the next few days, or if you have already tried powering the printer off and on.
2 Confirm the printer is located in an operating environment where the temperature is above 16°C (60°F). In addition, confirm that the printer is not exposed to any cold breezes, such as being positioned next to an exit door or a window on cold days, or if it sits in the direct air flow path of a vent when the air conditioning is operating.
3 Check to see that the printer's power cord is plugged directly into a wall outlet and not connected to a surge device, power strip, or an outlet located in temporary cubical furniture. This is especially important if the fuser errors occur intermittently. If the printer is connected through one of these devices, try plugging it directly into a wall outlet. Verify whether the printer works on a




volts source by checking its Power Label on its back and ensure that the power outlet matches its working voltage rating.

NOTE: Please carry out this test even if the printer has worked properly at its power outlet in the past. Power strips and uninterrupted power supplies can cause a low amperage condition to occur within in the printer, which can trigger a false fuser error.

4 If none of these suggestions clear the fuser error permanently, the printer may require a service action to correct the issue. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service provider for additional assistance. For information on contacting Lexmark Technical Support, click here.


Before you set up service, ensure that the printer is connected to the correct power supply outlet. Check the Power Label on back of the printer to see whether it works on a




volt source. Verify that the power outlet matches its working voltage rating.
1 For all 920 type fuser errors, check the following before replacing any parts.
  • Confirm the voltage rating of the installed fuser unit matches the voltage rating of the printer.
  • Confirm the voltage setting on the switchable LVPS assembly is set correctly.
  • Find out if the issue started after service was performed on the printer. If so, read the notice (*) in Step3 below.

If the issues above check out correctly, try replacing the fuser unit assembly. Use the appropriate part number from the list below this table. If the part numbers below do not work, please contact Lexmark Technical Support to get the current numbers.

IMPORTANT! When ordering a fuser unit, confirm that the voltage rating of the fuser unit matches the voltage rating of the printer. In addition, there is a label on the fuser unit indicating if it is a type 1 or a type 2 fuser unit. In most cases, the printer will have a type 1 fuser installed.

3 If replacing the fuser unit does not clear the error, try replacing the low volt power supply (LVPS) card (40X4355).

*IMPORTANT! If service has been performed recently on the printer, find out if the low volt power supply (LVPS) card was removed or replaced. Excessive force used when reinstalling the LVPS card can damage the connector on the system card. Therefore, check the connector on the system card if the printer displays a 920.06 or other fuser-related failure message after any service involving removal or installation of the LVPS card. If the connector is damaged, you will need to replace the system card to correct the issue.

Part Number

Part description


Fuser assembly (type 1, 110V/Low Voltage)


Fuser assembly (type 1, 220V/High Voltage)


Fuser assembly (type 1, 100V/Japan)


Fuser assembly (type 2, 110V/Low Voltage)


Fuser assembly (type 2, 220V/High Voltage)


Fuser assembly (type 2, 100V/Japan)

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