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Lexmark T656

Lexmark T656

Printer is not powering on

Issue description

The printer does not power up when you turn it on. The control panel does not light up and the 'ready' indicator light does not come on.


  1. Power the printer off and do the following:

    • Unplug and reconnect the power cord into the printer. Confirm that the power cord is plugged fully into the printer.
    • If the power cord is plugged into a power strip or other surge suppression device, connect the power cord directly to the wall outlet.
    • Note:  If the power cord is already connected directly to a wall outlet, try plugging it into a different wall outlet.

  2. If you have installed any type of optional electronic cards into the printer, remove those items. A faulty card can prevent the printer from powering up. Items to look for would include an optional memory card, an optional network card, or DLE options such as a bar code SIMM. Important! Leave the printer powered off when removing any electronic cards or other items from it.

    • For instructions on how to check for installed option cards and how to remove them, please refer to the printer's User's Manual.
  3. After you have attempted as many of the suggestions above as possible, power on the printer. Check whether the machine makes noise during power on.

    • If it does but the display is still blank, tap the touch screen. If the display lights-up, request firmware upgrade that includes this bug fix. (The screen should never turn off while booting; for example, you should see the status bar crawling). for more information about this issue.
    • If the printer still does not power on, a service action may be needed to correct the issue. For assistance in arranging service, please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service provider.


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