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Lexmark TS650

Lexmark TS650

How to Store Formsets on a USB Drive for Use with a Forms Card


Before you can store formsets on a USB drive for use with the Forms Card, you need the following to support the use of formsets with a forms card

  • Forms Composer version 3.3.9 or greater
  • Flash Memory or Hard Drive– required for any formsets,fonts and files that will not get stored on the USB drive.
  • Forms Manager version 3.3.9 or greater
  • Forms and Bar Code Card installed on one of the following products: E46x, X46xe, X65xe, X73xe or X86xe Series products.
  • Forms and Bar Code Card-equipped device with firmware level of .P413a or higher
  • Supported USB thumb or flash drive (SanDisk, Micron, CruzerMicro, Lexar Firefly, or Sony among others)
  • Direct USB port located on the front of the machine
  • Lexmark SFP (single function) or MFP (multifunction printer) with a front-facing direct USB port.

Procedure: Storing formsets on a USB flash drive

This function is very similar to downloading formsets to a printer.

To do this:

  1. Create form in Forms Composer and Save it.

  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the computer where Forms Composer resides.

  3. Open Forms Manager.

  4. Choose Formsset > Forms Card Export To. Click here for illustration.

  5. Select the formset (fdd) and/or subform (sdd). Click here for illustration

  6. Choose the USB drive letter as the destination for the forms. Click here for illustration.

  7. Exit Forms Manager.

  8. Remove the USB flash drive from the Windows workstation.

  9. Insert the USB flash drive in the printer’s "Direct" USB port. (The printer will instantly catalog all activation conditions and formsets.)

  10. Send the print job to the printer. (The printer will receive the job, activate the formset on the USB drive, perform the merge and route the resulting PDF appropriately.)

  11. Remove the USB flash drive after job completion, and store the USB flash drive in a secure enviornment.

Still Need Help?

Contact Lexmark Technical Support or your local Lexmark representative if you require additional technical support.
You will need to provide your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN) when calling for support.

Please call from near the computer hosting the software in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving an application function.


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