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Lexmark TS650

Lexmark TS650

Scanned document does not appear in destination folder when using Scan to Network app

Issue description

In certain instances, a scanned document is not found in the destination folder for devices released in the year 2008‑2009.

This usually happens when the following settings (or a combination thereof) are present.

  • Color is enabled
  • Page Break is enabled
  • Resolution is set to a value greater than 75 dpi.


This is a limitation of the Lexmark devices released in the year 2008‑2009, which has limited memory.

As a workaround, use a combination of settings that do not require too much memory that these devices are not capable of.

Other recommendations:

  • Scanning in Mono uses lesser memory than Color.
  • Scanning with Page Break disabled uses lesser memory than with it enabled.
  • Scanning with lower Resolution uses lower memory than with higher Resolution.

For example, when scanning in Mono even with Page Break is enabled, the resolution can be set to up to 400 dpi. However, when scanning in Color and Page Break is enabled, the resolution can be set up to 150 dpi.

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