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Lexmark T656

Lexmark T656

Replacing the Toner Cartridge

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This article contains instructions for removing and replacing the toner cartridge as well as when it should be replaced.


How to remove/replace the toner cartridge

  1. Remove any paper/print jobs from the top of the printer (standard output bin). Click here for an illustration.

  2. Push the release latch, and then lower the multipurpose feeder door as seen here.

  3. Push the release latch, and then open the upper-front cover. Click here for an illustration.

  4. Lift and pull the toner cartridge out of the printer as seen here.

  5. Unpack the new toner cartridge.

    Warning—Potential Damage:  Avoid touching the photoconductor roller on the underside of the cartridge as doing so can leave a mark on the roller. Always use the cartridge handle to hold the cartridge.

    Note:  You can use the packing material from the new toner cartridge to ship the old toner cartridge back to Lexmark for recycling. When you return a used print cartridge, you contribute to a worldwide recycling effort at no cost to you. To return Lexmark products to Lexmark for recycling, please visit our website at and follow the instructions provided.

  6. Lightly shake the toner cartridge in all directions to distribute the toner evenly.

  7. Hold the toner cartridge by the handle and insert it into the printer. Align the tabs on each side of the cartridge with the slots on the inside of the printer. Click here for an illustration.

  8. Close the upper-front cover.

  9. Close the lower-front cover.

  10. Power on the printer again.

  11. Confirm that the new toner cartridge is working correctly by sending a print job or printing an internal test page.

When to replace the cartridge

You should order a new toner cartridge whenever a Toner low or Cartridge Low message appears on the printer operator panel or when you begin experiencing faded print. You can print a few hundred pages after the Toner/Cartridge Low message appears, but the print quality will begin to deteriorate as the toner level decreases.

You can remove the current toner cartridge and lightly shake it several times to redistribute any remaining toner. This procedure can be repeated several times, but it is advisable to obtain a replacement toner cartridge once you become aware that the toner level in the current cartridge is decreasing.

When the print quality is no longer satisfactory, you will need to replace the toner cartridge. For information on ordering a toner cartridge, refer to the printer's User's Guide or click on the Cartridges and Supplies link on our website.


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