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Lexmark T654

Lexmark T654

'237.00, 241.09, 242.04' and '242.09' Paper Jam Messages on a Lexmark T64x, T65x, X64x, or X65x Series Printer; Errors when Printing or Using Additional Trays or Duplex Option

What you will see

A combination of the following symptoms may be observed when attempting to print:

  • 237.00Paper Jam
  • 241.09 Paper Jam
  • 242.04 Paper Jam
  • 242.09Paper Jam
  • The error accompanies a rattling or grinding noise every time you attempt to print from an optional paper tray; e.g., Tray 2 or Tray 3.
  • The error occurs when trying to print


  • However, printing single-sided pages from Tray 1 presents no problem.
  • Is is also possible that duplex print jobs originating from Tray 1 will work fine, but the error returns once an optional paper tray source is selected.

Affected Products

Printer ModelTray/Error
  • 237.00 – Duplex
  • 241.09 – Tray 2
  • 242.04 – Tray 3
  • 237.00 – Duplex
  • 241.09 – Tray 2
  • 242.04 – Tray 3
  • 242.09 – Tray 2
  • 242.04 – Tray 3

*An x denotes and number within a given series; e.g., T642.

Suggested Actions

  1. Clear the error by removing paper from the various paper jam access doors and the duplex tray.

  2. Check and clear any additional paper paths for excess paper or obstructions, and attempt to print again.

  3. If error persists, clear again, and try to print one last time from Tray 1.

  4. If Tray 1-sourced print jobs print without difficulty, contact Lexmark for further diagnosis.

Still Need Help?

Please contact Lexmark for additional assistance regarding this issue. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your printer and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the printer to allow further diagnosis by a support agent.


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