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Lexmark X658

Lexmark X658

Management Information Base data points additional escalation requirements

Additional requirements

Before proceeding, make sure to fill out the Main escalation information requirement and gather the Lexmark Fleet Manager primary escalation requirements.

This is required for device support issues.

  1. Collect required support files (xpr) files using the Printer Discovery Tool. Refer to Capturing the LPMA printer discovery tool logs for detailed instructions.

  2. Collect MIB data using the iReasoning MIB Browser Free Personal Edition.

  3. Note:  Exported data should be in XML format.


  1. Go to the MIB browser website.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, click “I Accept”.

  3. Select either setup.exe (for Windows) or (for all other platforms).

  4. Install the MIB Browser.

    Note:  Please follow the on-screen instructions during installation.

  5. Launch the MIB browser icon.

  6. Enter the printer’s IP address in the Address field.

  7. Click Operations, select Walk then click Go.

  8. After the data has loaded in the Result Table, click the export icon to begin the XML data export.

  9. Go under File and Save Session.


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