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Lexmark X658

Lexmark X658

Lexmark E-mail Size Limiter Solution v3.0.2 Readme

Lexmark 'E-mail Size Limiter' Readme v3.0.2(6/11)


This Readme file pertains to the current release of the LEXMARK EMAIL SIZE LIMITER application for multifunction printers (MFPs).

Lexmark Email Size Limiter is an embedded solution that can be installed on multifunction printers (MFPs) that support the Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF) v1.2, v2.0, or v3.0. Email Size Limiter enables users to scan documents into an MFP and then email the documents to a destination.

With Email Size Limiter, users can establish a unique profile for each destination and can use these profiles to send email to the destinations.

  • Up to ten destination profiles can be created on an MFP.
  • Users can specify the destination name, the maximum email size, and the default email address in each destination profile.
  • When a destination profile is selected from the list, the "To" field of the email is automatically filled in with the default email address from the destination profile.
  • An email attachment can be split into multiple emails if the attachment exceeds the predefined size limit.


  1. Any single or multifunction printer that supports eSF v1.2, v2.0, and v3.0 applications.

    Supported eSF v1.2 devices

    Firmware level requirement (or later)

    X644e, X646e, X646dte












    Supported eSF v2.0 devices

    X651de, X652de, X654de, X656de and X658de Supported eSF v2.0 MFPs include:


    X734de, X736de and X738de


    X463de, X464de, X466de, X466dte, X466dwe


    X860de, X862de, X862dte, X864de, X864dhe, XS860de, XS862de and XS864de


    Supported eSF v3.0 devices

    X548de, X548dte and XS548de


    X792, X792e, X792de, x792dte, x792dtfe, x792dtpe, x792dtme, x792dtse, XS796de and XS796dte


    X925, X925de and XS925de


    X950de, X952de, X952dte, X954de, X954dhe and XS955dhe


    6500e Scanner-equipped printers


  2. MFP device memory requirements: A minimum of 256 MB RAM.

  3. Single function printers (SFPs): A minimum of 256 MB RAM.

  4. Installed MFP hard drive.

  5. Supported Email Servers:

    • Microsoft Exchange Server 6.5
    • Lotus Domino Server 6.5
  6. This application requires an electronic license. To obtain a license, go to and click the "Contact Lexmark" link at the bottom of the screen.

Package Contents

The following files and publications are included in Email Size Limiter v3.0.2.

  1. eMailSizeLimiter-1.0.3.fls - Email Size Limiter application for eSF v1.2 MFPs

  2. eMailSizeLimiter-2.0.5.fls - Email Size Limiter application for eSF v2.0 MFPs

  3. eMailSizeLimiter-3.0.2.fls - Email Size Limiter application for eSF v3.0 MFPs

  4. Administrator_Guide.pdf - Administrator's Guide

  5. User_Guide.pdf - User's Guide

  6. Readme.txt (this file)

New Features

eSF v1.2 MFPs added.

Limitations and compatibility of the release

  1. XPS and Secure PDF file formats are not supported.

  2. For most supported printer models, if a paper jam occurs in the automatic document feeder (ADF), the email will not be sent after the job is restarted. However, for models that have the "Page Level" option on their Web pages under "General Settings" -> "Scanner Jam Recovery," the restart options under "Page Level" can be used to successfully restart the job and send the email.

  3. If a user presses the "Cancel" button after selecting either "Save as Shortcut" or "Search Address Book" -> "Search For," the email will not be sent.

  4. When scanning a document with landscape orientation, if a user selects the "Edge Erase" option, the side of the page 90 degrees clockwise from the side the user chose will be erased. For example, if the user chooses to erase the top side of the page, the right side of the page will be erased.

  5. If a user scans a large multi-page TIFF attachment with Custom Job ON and selects or changes options periodically, the email attachments may be missing some pages (this applies only to multiple attachments/multiple emails). The page count will be correct, but individual pages may be missing, and there may be duplicates of some pages.

  6. For eSF v3.0 MFPs, the application cannot be configured using MarkVision Professional (MVP).

  7. On eSF v3.0 MFPs, if a page in a scan job exceeds the threshold value, the user is not warned that the value has been exceeded and the scan must be restarted until after they select "Finish the Job." The user is also not told which page in the scan exceeded the threshold value.

  8. For eSF v1.2 MFPs, English is the only language supported by Email Size Limiter.

  9. For eSF v1.2 MFPs, only one attachment size, or "chunking," limit can be defined.

  10. For eSF v1.2 MFPs, the only option if an attachment exceeds the chunking limit is for it to be split into multiple pieces, or chunks, and sent to one email address.

Installation details

For further installation and configuration instructions, please see the Lexmark 'E-mail Size Limiter' Administrator's Guide (AdminGuide.pdf) provided with the application. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this guide.adf


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