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Lexmark XS656

Lexmark XS656

Firmware upgrade reminders

READ THIS FIRST: Special notes and considerations

Note:  Individual firmware packages may also provide updated engine code. Lexmark periodically releases updated printer and MFP software in order to address end-user issues and provide new performance and feature enhancements.

Upgrade guidelines

  • This firmware release is intended for customers with current firmware versions Ly.xx.P816 or older (releases where the 3 digits after “P” are equal to or less than 816)
  • If the current firmware on the device is Ly.xx.P818 or newer (releases where the 3 digits after “P” are equal to or greater than 818), do NOT update to this release.

E46x models

  • If your device is an E46x model using firmware LR.LBH.P799 or older (numbers lower than 799), an intermediate firmware update may be required.
  • If the firmware update to LR.LBH.P817 fails, please contact the Technical Support Center (TSC) to get the intermediate firmware, LR.LBH.P764.

Other models

  • If the device firmware is not found on, contact TSC to receive the firmware


  • Release notes list the improvements and fixes provided by this update.
  • Release notes provide additional update methods and assistance.
  • DLE-equipped printer update recommendations.
  • General precautions associated with this printer firmware release.
  • Click here for more information regarding .P413c revision only.



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