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Lexmark X658

Lexmark X658

Lexmark Solutions Monitor data points additional escalation requirements

Additional requirements

Before proceeding, make sure to fill out the Main escalation information requirement and gather the Lexmark Fleet Manager primary escalation requirements.

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain

LSM log file

Useful for understanding problematic behavior

  1. Log on to the server that is hosting LSM Application.

  2. Open file explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Lexmark\LSM \rXpress.log.

  3. Copy the rXpress.log file and attach to escalation.

Screen capture

Provides overview of the problematic behavior

Use the ALT + Print Screen feature in windows or any screen capture utility available.

Confirm rXpress service is running

Required service for LSM

  1. Open Windows Task Manager > select Processes tab.

  2. Confirm rXpress.exe and rXpressStart.exe are running.

Installation path of LSM

The default path for LSM is C:\Program Files\Lexmark\LSM.

Note:  LSM is self-contained and does not rely on Oracle for data storage on the LSM collector.

Note:  The LSM installer writes into a flat file system which shows up as rXpress.rx in the installation directory. Deleting this file and restarting the LSM will remove all print data from the LSM collector. Configuration settings will remain, however, as they are stored in the registry.


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