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Lexmark X746

Lexmark X746

LDD 4.5 and 4.6: How to Reboot the LDD System

Recommended reboot order

It is recommended that you shut down these computers in reverse order from which they were first activated.

RECOMMENDATION: Failure to take down the application server may result in a loss of critical workflows. Either send a notification to all users before performing this procedure, or perform this procedure during off hours or non-peak hours of operation.

Reboot LDD procedure

  1. Set the server to offline.

  2. Set the server offline on the System tab in the Lexmark Management Console (LMC).

  3. Select all affiliated servers and then click Set Offline.

  4. Click Refresh if necessary to make sure all servers indicate offline in the Status column.

  5. Shut down the server, load balancer and databasecomputers.

  6. Reboot database, load balancer and server computers in the original order.


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