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Lexmark X746

Lexmark X746

LDD 4.5.x and 4.6.1: How to View and Manage Scheduled Tasks


To access a list of all scheduled discovery, policy update, and script tasks for all device groups and software client groups, select Schedule from the System list on the System tab.

Available actions

Add a new task...Click Add.
Edit an existing task...Select theexisting scheduled task of interest, and then click Edit.
Delete and existing task...Select the existing scheduled task you want to delete, and then click Delete.

Example: Adding or editing a task

  1. Select a task to schedule: Policy Update, Discovery, or Script...

  2. Edit the description of the task, and then click Next.

Association decisions

If...First...And then...
If you are adding or editing a script task...

Decide to associate the scheduled script with a device group or software clientgroup to access the local solution settings of that group.

  • To associate the script with a device group, click DeviceGroup, and then click Next.
  • To associate the script with a software client group, click SftClientGroup, and then click Next.
If you are scheduling the script without associating it with a device group or software client group...Click None.Click Next.

  1. Continue configuring the selected task.

Remaining decisions and actions

If adding or editing...First...And then...
A discovery or policy updatetask...Select the device groups for which the task is performed.Click Next.
A script task...
  • Select the device group or software client group for which the task is performed, click Next.
  • Select the solution that contains the script you want to run.
Select the script to run, and then click Next.
A report task...Select and configure the report to run.Click Next.
A backup and restore task...Type the Backup Share Path and the credentials required to access the specified share.Click Next.

  1. Configure the date, time, and frequency information for the task.

  2. Click Finish.

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