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Lexmark X746

Lexmark X746

LDD 4.5.x and 4.6.1: How to View Jobs in the System Log


This article provides the ways to control and view jobs, or job lists, and capture system logs.

Why is this important?

LDD stores status and other messages reported by jobs for up to seven days. All LDD-initiated jobs can be viewed including tasks performed in Lexmark Management Console (LMC) and tasks initiated at a printer or software client.

One example where this may prove useful is when printers are discovered during a discovery task.

How to view job list and log

  1. Click the System tab.

  2. Select Jobs from the System list to view jobs, or select Log to view the log.

How to apply a "filter" to the "jobs list" or "log"

  1. To apply a filter, make selections or entries in the applicable fields, and then click Refresh.
    To access less commonly used filter fields, click Show More Filters.

  2. To remove a previously applied filter, click Reset Filter, and then click Refresh.

How to control other "View" options

To...Select or click on...
View all log entries that apply to a specific job..."Task Id" of a job.
View "In Progress" jobs only..."Running Tasks".
Refreshthe jobs list or log..."Refresh".
Automatically refresh the jobs list or log..."Every"next to "Auto Refresh", and then select a time interval.
Change the number of entries that appear in each page of the jobs list or log...A new value for Number of Jobs/Page.
Export the jobs list or log in comma-separated values (CSV) format...Export Report.

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