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Lexmark X746

Lexmark X746

Network TWAIN Performance Quickly Deteriorates with Multi-Page ADF Jobs on the X74x Series MFP


hat you will see

When performing a network scan utilizing the TWAIN driver, the ADF quickly pulls the first page but all subsequent pages pause for a second or more before the ADF pulls the next page.

This behavior is observable with any TWAIN compatible application, including Lexmark Printer Home and Lexmark Scan Center; however, it is not observed when copying, utilizing network scan-to-pc profiles, or initiating a local TWAIN scan.

Affected products

This issue was first seen on the X74x Series of MFPs; however, printers with similar firmware architecture may possibly exhibit this issue.


Firmware that eliminates job-level scan recovery on Network Twain scans is available for the printer identified above. It should be noted that if an ADF jam occurs while performing a TWAIN job, the entire job will have to be restarted from the beginning. The performance tradeoff eliminates hesitation between pages but prevents recovery of the job.

Contact Lexmark Technical Support to request PE firmware Firmware version LHS42.NY.P503CP, or inquire about firmware availability for your printer.
This firmware version will not be rolled into future code releases, so any future firmware upgrades performed will result in the loss of this functionality.

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