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Lexmark X746

Lexmark X746

Tables Do Not Get Created when LDD Is Installed with Microsoft SQL Server as a Database

What you will see

When installing LDD using Microsoft SQL Server as a database, the tables are not created on the database.

You may also notice that the file is not changed; i.e., the MSSQL configuration is not saved.


Installing LDD using MS-SQL is likely to require additional configuration steps on the SQL Server. It is recommended that you follow all instructions in the xref_PU79628_xref to correctly configure LDD with MSSQL.

Here are the main points to remember:

  • The MSSQL Server needs to be prepared for installation by creating the database and generating the tables that will be used by LDD.

To do this, a .sql file ( CreateDatabase.sql)is locatedin the mssql\scripts folder within the LDD installer.

  • The CreateDatabase.sql file should be run on the SQL server before running the LDD installer.
  • The installer modifies the file, instead of the, and it will contain the SQL settings required to connect to the SQL server.

* Check under Software Solutions > LDD for revised editions of this guide.

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