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Lexmark XS748

Lexmark XS748

Periodic Horizontal Void/Light Lines at 94 mm spacing appears on every printed page

Issue description

Horizontal lines (a wrinkle-like defect) appear on the edges of the printed page, repeating at 94 mm (approximately 3.7 inches). See this defect best on printouts with a heavy-colored coverage, as below.

The left-side image shows a periodic defect at 94 mm interval. While the right-side image shows a defect caused by multiple cracks in the fuser belt.

Possible cause

A tear in fuser belt can cause periodic horizontal defects at the edges of every printed page.


Replace the Fuser Assembly. See the appropriate part numbers below:

  • 40X8110 – Fuser assembly, 115 V
  • 40X8111 – Fuser assembly, 230 V
  • 40X8112 – Fuser assembly, 100 V

Note:  If the Fuser still has not reached its end-of-life, contact Lexmark Technical Support to seek replacement.

Things to consider after replacing the Fuser

Make sure to Reset the Fuser Count and run the Motor Calibration in the Configuration Menu immediately after installing the new fuser and prior to sending any print jobs. See the table below for this procedure.

How to reset the Fuser count and run Motor Calibration

  1. Access the printers Configuration Menu.

    1. Power off the printer.

    2. Press and hold buttons 2 and 6.

    3. Power on the printer.

    4. Release the buttons when the progress bar displays.

  2. On the Configuration Menu, touch “Reset Fuser Cnt”.

  3. Touch “Reset Fuser Cnt” again, “Resetting Fuser Counter” appears.

  4. The display will go back to the main menu. Search for “Color Calibration”.

  5. Touch “Color Calibration”. The printer should display “Calibrating…” and will feed eight blank pages before going back to the main menu.

  6. Touch Exit Configuration and let the printer restart to normal mode.

  7. Test the printer by sending a print job with a solid-color background. If the issue persists, or if you are having difficulties replacing the fuser or following the above procedure, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.


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