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Lexmark XS748

Lexmark XS748

Initial print quality check

Before troubleshooting specific print problems, complete the following steps:

  1. The printer must be in a location that follows the recommended operating environment specifications. See the Environment Specifications found in the affected product’s service manual.

  2. Print a menu settings page. Be sure to keep the original menu settings page to restore the customer’s custom settings if needed.

  3. Verify on the menu settings page if the following are set to their default values:

    • Color Correction: Set to Auto.
    • Print Resolution: Set to 4800 dpi (print quality problems should be checked at different resolution settings).
    • Toner Darkness: Set to 4 (default).
    • Color Saver: Set to OFF.
    • RGB Brightness, RGB Contrast, RGB Saturation: Set to 0.
    • Color Balance: Select Reset Defaults to zero out all colors.
  4. Check the paper type, texture and weight settings against the paper that is loaded in the printer.

  5. Check the life status of all supplies. Any supply that is low should be replaced.

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