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Lexmark XS798

Lexmark XS798

Firmware upgrade reminders

Why upgrade firmware?

  • Improve printer performance and efficiency.
  • Enhance printer capabilities with new or updated features.
  • Resolve firmware or hardware issues.
  • Enhance device compatibility with newly introduced operating systems, software, and printing applications.

Firmware availability

  1. Identify your printer model below.

  2. Download the correct firmware download package.

  3. Extract the firmware (.zip) package.

Recovering from a code mismatch (X548, C792, X792)

In the event that you update the printer using an EC6 base-only firmware (.fls) file, and EC6 engine code was not already installed, you may see missing menus and reports, or broken functions and unexpected printer crashes.

What to do?

Resend (flash) a previous EC (Base/RIP) code level known to be compatible with the engine code.

To do this:

  • If the printer is not already in "Invalid Engine" mode, press and hold down the 3, 6, and 4 number-pad buttons while concurrently powering on the printer.
  • Release the buttons when "Invalid Engine" displays on the control panel.
  • Resend the previous EC-level firmware, or send an EC6 combo-file that contains both base/RIP and engine code.


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