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Lexmark XS798

Lexmark XS798

Control panel calibration issue

What you will see

When you press buttons or keys on the touchscreen panel, the device tends to show a different area, key, or button than the one you selected, one that is above the actual area pressed. Alternatively, it can appear that the button is being pressed but nothing is selected. This latter issue happens for buttons such as "Home" and "Submit", where there is not another button immediately above.

NOTE: This calibration issue is less severe as you go to the top of the control panel.

See sample video below.

Please allow time for the video to load. You will need Quicktime to view the above video. Click

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Recommended Action

A sagging touch screen can cause this panel calibration issue, which can occur if the foam spacer between the touch screen and the LCD becomes too loose. Thus, when you touch a portion of the touch screen, you actually interact with the area corresponding to the LCD point above the one you touched.

To determine whether the panel calibration issue is caused by a sagging touch screen, put your finger on the middle of the touch screen. Press and hold the screen, then slowly move the screen physically up and down. If the touch screen moves then the Operator Panel Assembly needs to be replaced. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service provider for additional assistance.

NOTE: If the panel calibration issue is not caused by a sagging touch screen, please proceed with the Recommended Solution below.

Recommended Solution

Update the printer’s firmware to EC4 or the latest.


Technical Service Bulletin

Problem Description

Machine Type/Model

Lexmark Models: X548 7525-63X X792 7562-4XX C925 5041-03X X95x 7558-xxx 6500 MFPs 4036-31X

When customer presses a button or key on the control panel, another area is pressed instead.


Issue is caused either by asagging touch screen or a firmware issue.

Replace the Operator panel assembly if necessary or update the printer with EC4 or the latest firmware code.

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