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Lexmark XS798

Lexmark XS798

Solution Software: Bar Code Discovery Does Not Recognize Quotes

What you will see

Barcodes are not being recognized properly by the Bar Code Discovery application. Bar Code Discovery results in double quotes (" ") around all alphanumeric characters.

Version Date Bar Code Type
Bar Code Discovery

Suggested Remedy

Update to Bar Code Discovery 1.0.2, which allowsquotes to be used as a delimiter.


The Bar Code Discovery application does not accept quotes (") as a delimiter due to an application issue that caused unsafe characters for use in XML.

To replicate this issue:

  • Create a template in Bar Code Discovery for a specified barcode.
  • Add the template to Scan to Network (Premium).
  • Initiate a scan.
  • Observe that Bar Code Discovery provides one set of results, which includes double-quotes around all alphanumeric characters.
  • Compare both results and you will see that Scan to Network is unable to remove both sets of quotes.

Sample results

FieldsBar Code RecognitionScan to Network Premium
Field 1""BT_SO"""BT_SO"
Field 2"''19301"""19301"
Field 3""Parrott"""Parrott"
Field 4"""Mary"""Mary"
Field 5"""17497"""17497"
Field 6"""10/26/2010"""10/26/2010"

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