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Lexmark XS798

Lexmark XS798

Busy Hang Message when Receiving Faxes with the Lexmark X792

What you will see

  • The X792 will display 'Busy' after receiving a fax.
  • The Busy message persists after you have power cycled the printer.
  • The job will appear in the Fax Job Log with a status of OK.

Suggested Fix

Update firmware and clear fax storage if necessary. for release notes and update information.

Strongly recommended: Print the current Fax Call and Fax Job Logs prior to completing this step since formatting fax storage will clear all faxes stored in memory and it will also clear all fax log information.

To clear fax storage:

  1. Enter the Configuration Menu. To do this, press 2 + 6 concurrently (same time) while powering the printer ON.

  2. Scroll down

    to Format Fax Storage.

  3. Press


  4. Press Yes to continue.

Why format fax storage?

While updating firmware may fix the actual root cause of this problem, it can not correct the problem for faxes already received and stored within printer memory.

Still Need Help?

Please contact

Lexmark Technical Support

for additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the computer and printer for over-the-phone technician-directed diagnostic purposes.


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