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Lexmark XS795

Lexmark XS795

Early Toner Cartridge Low warning message

Issue description

The printer registers a “Low Toner” warning message which is significantly earlier than expected given that;

  • Normal toner low warnings should occur greater than 50% of toner cartridge life.
  • An Early toner low warning would occur at less than 50% of the toner cartridge life.
  • An Extreme early toner low warning would occur at less than 200 printed pages.

Affected Products:

  • Single-Function: C792
  • Multifunction: X792, XS795, XS796, XS798


If this warning message appears on the printer home screen, continue to use the toner cartridge as normal.

Refer to KB topic Understanding a ‘Toner Low’ message.


While rare, early toner low warnings can occur and will not affect the ability of the toner cartridge to print the full number of pages.

Note:  For extremely early toner low warning messages with less than 200 pages printed, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.


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