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Lexmark XS955

Lexmark XS955

Grinding noise and inaccurate toner cartridge low message


The Toner Low/Toner Empty message does not automatically clear after a new cartridge is installed. At the same time the printer also produces an abnormal or excessively loud grinding noise.





Verify whether the printer was already having the noise issue prior to the toner low problem. If the noise occurred prior to the toner low message, please proceed with Step 4.

Note: If the noise occurs after the toner low message, please proceed with the next step.


Take the toner cartridges out and shake them carefully. Make sure that no unusual or rocking sound occurs inside the cartridge when shaking.

Note: Should the above unusual noise occur when shaking the toner cartridge, replace the current toner cartridge with a new one. If not, proceed with the next step.


Reinstall the cartridge, making sure both sides connect firmly in the printer and that the cartridge is completely seated. Close the door and check whether the toner low and grinding noise problems still occur.

Note: If issue persists, please proceed with the next step.


To access the printer’s Diagnostic Mode, please follow the steps in the table below.

Note: From the Diagnostics Menu, scroll down and select Motor Tests. Select PRINTER MOTOR TESTS and perform the various tests to check which part of the printer is causing the noise. To exit from the Diagnostics Menu, locate and select Exit Diagnostics Menu or simply restart the printer without pressing any buttons.

Important! If issue persists or if you locate the source of the noise, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional troubleshooting suggestions.

Entering Diagnostics Menus


Power off the printer.


Press and hold the 3 and 6 buttons simultaneously.


While holding the buttons, power on the printer.


Release the buttons after ten seconds.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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