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Lexmark X950

Lexmark X950

How to Create a Scan to E-mail Profile

  • Attachment -- a copy of the scanned document is sent in an e-mail message to the recipient as an attachment
  • Web link -- the scanned document is sent to a storage area on a website, and only a web link to that site is sent to the e-mail recipient.
  1. In the URL field of the web browser, type the IP address of the MFP and press ENTER.

  2. From the list on the left of that page, select Create Scan Profiles.

  3. From the list of options, select E-mail Scan Profile.

  4. Specify the recipient and the sender. If desired, assign a subject and add a message to the content of the e-mail.

  5. Select the type, resolution, and size of the original document.

  6. Specify whether the file is to be sent as an e-mail attachment or a web link.

  7. Assign a Profile Name: once assigned, this name will show on the screen of the MFP control panel.

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Walk over to the MFP specified in the scan profile.

  10. Load all pages into the OptraImage.

  11. On the OptraImage control panel, press the Fax/Scan mode button until SCAN->PROFILE appears on the screen.

  12. Press Menu> until the specified scan profile name shows on the screen.

  13. Press Go/Send to start scanning.


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