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Lexmark XS955

Lexmark XS955

Horizontal lines or streaks check

Issue description

Horizontal streaks of toner in small intervals. Click here to download a sample image and see if it matches the printer’s output.


In most cases, a defective photoconductor unit causes toner streaks. This is especially true if the streaks are of only one color. To identify which photoconductor unit is defective, go to the printer’s Configuration Menu and print the Quality Test pages. To do this:

  1. Power off the printer.

  2. Press and hold the 2 and 6 buttons simultaneously.

  3. Turn on the printer.

  4. Release the buttons after ten seconds. The printer should boot up to its Configuration Menu.

  5. Select Print Quality Pages to start printing. Confirm whether the print quality issue you are experiencing can be seen on the printed pages.

  6. After printing, scroll down and select Exit Config Menu. The printer should restart in Normal mode.

One of the printed test pages should show four horizontal bars with colors black, magenta, cyan, and yellow. See which colors show horizontal marks. Replace the photoconductor unit corresponding to that marked color. If the streaks appear on all four colors, contact Lexmark Technical Support for other troubleshooting suggestions.

Other suggestions

If replacing the photoconductor units does not correct the issue or if you have no replacement supplies in stock, please try the following suggestions:

  • Test the printer with plain copy paper. If you are not currently doing so, try printing on plain copy paper. If this corrects the issue, make sure you are using print media within your printer's specification.
  • Note:  Using media outside of the recommended guidelines may result in unsatisfactory print quality. Please consult the printer’s User's Guide for information on recommended print media.

  • Incorrect Paper Type Setting – Make sure the Paper Type Setting on the printer and in the driver/software matches the type of paper loaded in the tray.


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