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Lexmark XS955

Lexmark XS955

Unable to register card via Register Me app

What you will see

You cannot register your card via the Register ME app on the printer’s control panel.

Suggested remedy

Verify whether the issue is seen on several or all users.




Issue happens for one or several users…

The printer returns to the home screen when you try to register.

Verify whether an email address is populated in the server’s Active Directory (AD).

If the user does not have this information, check the LDAP settings on the Register ME app. You may also test them to ensure it passes.


  • If the above test passes yet the issue persists, apply the same LDAP settings on the printer’s address book setup (found on the printer’s Embedded Web Server (EWS) > Settings > Network/Ports) and perform a test with a specific user. This test searches for an email address.
  • If you get a “no entries found” message, it indicates that the user account does not have an email address or does not exist in the AD.

Issue happens for all users…

There is an error on the control panel such as “Application cannot be accessed.

Perform the following on the Register ME app:

  • Verify whether the Document Accounting Server URL is correct.Note: You may compare it with the embedded Document Accounting Solution (eDAS) settings.
  • Check the LDAP settings.
  • Press the Test button to verify whether the details are correct.

Note: See Application cannot be accessed message displays after pressing the release station icon for further recommendations.


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