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Lexmark X736

Lexmark X736

Color Printer Generates Only One `Toner Low? Ticket Even when Other Toners Are Low in LFT 3

What you will see

When more than one toner is low, your color printer only creates one ticket in Lexmark Fleet Tracker ( LFT) version and below.

Sample Scenario:

a. Toner alert set at 20% for a ticket to be created. b. Printer’s Yellow toner reaches 20%, one ticket is created. c. The Yellow toner is not replaced and continues to be at a level lower than 20%. d. Printer’s Cyan toner reaches 20%, no ticket is created. e. Both Yellow and Cyan toner cartridges are replaced. f. Magenta reaches 20%, one ticket is created, and so on.


By design, when one of the toners reaches the specified level in the ticket creation and it is not addressed; and then another toner reaches the specified level, no ticket will be created for the second toner.

This happens even when the first ticket is manually closed but the toner is not replaced.

Recommended action

Set email notifications for each toner whenever they go below the specified level.

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