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Lexmark E360

Lexmark E360

E26x and E63x Series Firmware Update

Lexmark E26x* and E36x Series Printer Firmware Update (May '12)

* denotes any number within a given printer series, i.e, E26 0.

Latest Levels:

  • Printer - LL.LBL.P532
  • Engine - AL.LB.E302


Functional Enhancements

  1. Added support in the Lexmark Enterprise MIB for the following SNMP tables (for the device, inventory, and alerts OIDs): deviceTable, hwInventoryTable, supplyInventoryTable, swInventoryTable, and deviceAlertTable.

  2. Added Out-of-Service device wipe capability.

  3. Enhanced the history log header information.


  1. Made changes to improve print performance for certain print jobs.

  2. Fixed an issue that could lead to the device stuck in the "Busy" state when printing certain PostScript jobs.

  3. Fixed an issue that could lead to incorrect output on certain Postscript jobs.

  4. Addressed several emulator issues that led to problems printing some PDF jobs.

  5. Made minor PJL improvements.


  1. Made various security improvements.

  2. Addressed an issue where the Advanced Password could be cleared on the device after it was powered down or reset.


  1. Addressed some issues that could lead to 900.57 Firmware errors.

  2. Fixed some issues that could lead to 900 Firmware errors.

  3. Addressed some issues that could lead to 976 Service Network Software errors.

  4. Addressed an issue that could lead to a 900.43 Firmware error.

  5. Addressed an issue that could lead to a '55 Unsupported Memory' error after replacing an operator panel.

  6. Fixed an issue that prevented the LED panel from presenting error information (E26x only).


  1. Fixed some minor SNMP reporting issues.

  2. Fixed an issue with auto DST in conjunction with Eastern Australia time.

  3. Fixed an issue where entering the hostname in the NTP address field could fail.

  4. Fixed a MAC address mismatch issue between Asset Report and Network Setup Page.

  5. Fixed a problem that can occur when accessing Job History from SE menu.


  1. Addressed minor memory leaks.

  2. Fixed an issue that could lead to an inaccurate "Coverage Last Job" value on the Device Statistics page.

  3. Added Font Card Detection for NPA RDC Options command.

  4. Fixed an Italian translation issue on the operator panel.

  5. Updated UFST version from 5.0 to 5.021.

  6. Fixed a problem that can occur when accessing Job History from SE menu.

  7. Fixed an issue where "Power Saver" would not appear on the embedded web server virtual panel (E26x only).

  8. Fixed an issue where Coverage Estimator had been inadvertently removed from the operator panel (E36x only).

  9. Added "Substitute Size" setting under Paper Menu (E36x only).

KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF PREVIOUSLY RELEASED PRINTER and ENGINE FIRMWARE PACKAGES (Note: these fixes are also included as part of the latest firmware packages mentioned above.)

  1. Cartridge Yield Improvement based on compression set jog frequency change

  2. Addressed a 976 Web Services crash on the printer related low network MTU set by the DHCP server

  3. Addressed an issue that could cause power saver timer to fail

  4. Fixed an issue caused by an improper HTTP GET request (CVE-2010-0101)

  5. Passive FTP connections now time-out after 90 seconds in order to avoid a potential Denial of Service (CVE-2010-0618)

  6. Resolved NULL-pointer dereference in OpenSSL (CVE-2004-0079)

  7. Resolved some PJL buffer overrun issues (CVE-2010-0619)\

  8. Fixed a problem that could cause issues trying to print to the printer from another subnet

  9. Various webpage enhancements and minor bug fixes

  10. Fixed a variety of Near WATCHDOG errors

  11. Fixed a variety of 900, 903, 905, 930 errors

  12. Fixed a variety of printer hangs with BUSY appearing on the front panel

  13. Fixed several color quality issues and a toner fusing issue

  14. Fixed issue with Wireless cards not being properly detected

  15. Fixed a 122.16 and a 108.01 error

  16. Corrected a gear/noise issue seen when printing after closing front cover

  17. Cartridge Yield Improvement based on reducing the number of color calibration cycles of device

Firmware update instructions:

  1. Download the appropriate update file below

  2. Unzip the downloaded file

  3. Read the README file (located in .zip file) before updating


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