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Lexmark E360

Lexmark E360

Small repeating bands or light printed lines check

Issue description

Small horizontal bands or lines of light print appear in the text/print. Click here to see an example. The bands/lines are spaced approximately 9.5mm - 10mm apart.

They are most noticeable when printing pictures or other graphics that have gray tones. Areas of the page that have no print are not affected. When printing in the portrait (default) orientation, the lines will be horizontal. When printing in the landscape orientation, the lines will be vertical.


  1. Try reinstalling the toner cartridge and the photoconductor unit. One or both of these supplies might not be seated correctly inside the printer.

    1. Power off the printer. Then open the front cover.

    2. Remove the photoconductor unit and toner cartridge together at the same time.

      Note:  The photoconductor unit and toner cartridge are known collectively as the print unit.

    3. With the print unit removed, check the inside of the printer. Ensure that there are no obstructions which could prevent the print unit from being installed correctly.

    4. If the inside of the printer is free of obstructions, reinstall the print unit. Ensure that the print unit is fully installed into the printer.

    5. Once the print unit is installed, remove and reinstall the toner cartridge only. Ensure that the toner cartridge is fully installed.

    6. Close the front cover. Power on the printer, and try printing again.

      Note:  For detailed instructions on how to remove and install the toner cartridge or the print unit, please refer to printer’s Interactive user guide page.

  2. If the issue continues after reseating the supplies, try replacing the photoconductor unit/kit if you have an extra one in stock.

    For detailed instructions on how to replace a photoconductor unit please refer to KB article HO3434.

Note:  If you do not have an extra photoconductor unit in stock, or if the issue continues after you have replaced the photoconductor unit, please contact Lexmark support for additional information and assistance.


If the photoconductor unit is less than 2/3 used, offer to send the customer a replacement photoconductor unit free-of-charge. If the photoconductor unit is greater than 2/3 used, please consult your next level of support before offering to send out a replacement photoconductor unit.

The customer may be asked to purchase a replacement photoconductor unit if their photoconductor is over 2/3 used. If replacing the photoconductor unit does not correct the issue, or if the customer asks for warranty service on the printer, please consult your next level of support before setting up service.

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