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Lexmark E360

Lexmark E360

Missing color plane or very light color (one color) on printed pages

Issue description

All the printed pages exhibit an incomplete plane of color or light color over the entire printout.


  1. For a print quality defect of this type, it is always advisable to print the following:

    • Print Quality Pages – To get a detailed look at your printer's output; these pages allow each color plane to be viewed independently to determine whether the issue is with one color (possibly due to a single supply item), or with all the colors (indicating a more general issue with the printer).
    • Menu Settings Page – To check the levels of the consumable supplies (i.e., items such as toner cartridges and imaging kit); supplies that are at or near the end of their functional lives can cause various print quality issues independently of the printer's operation.

    Note:  The User's Guide provides detailed instructions for navigating through the printer menus.

  2. Using the Menu Settings page, check the levels of the consumable supplies. Check if any of the consumable supplies are low. Replace them as necessary to see whether this resolves the issue. Many print quality issues are caused simply by a supply item that is at or near the end of its expected functional yield.

  3. Perform color adjust by going to: Menu > Settings > Print Settings > Quality Menu > Color Adjust.

  4. If the supply levels are adequate, verify whether all of the color developer units (DU) are installed. If all DUs are installed, remove them and then re-install.

  5. Verify that all packing material has been removed from the toner cartridges and photoconductor units that correspond to the color that is not printing.


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