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Lexmark E360

Lexmark E360

IPDS port selection causes the printer to hang or print strange characters

What you will see

Any of the following may be observed when attempting to print an IPDS print job:

  • Printer output displays symbols and strange characters on IPDS print jobs; e.g., smiley faces.
  • The operator panel, user interface or control panel displays a "Busy" message.
  • You are unable to print.
  • No printer output.

Affected Products

  • T65x Series Monochrome laser printers
  • X65x Series MFPs
  • C73x Series Color Laser Printers
  • X73x Series MFPs
  • E46x Series Monochrome laser printers
  • X46x Series MFPs
  • X86x Series MFPs
  • X792 Color MFP
  • X925 Color MFP

x – denotes any number within a given printer or multifunction printer series.

Suggested Remedy

Change printer port in your PSF config file to use port 5001.

To do this, update your PSF configuration:

  1. Go into the PSF PROCLIB member on mainframe.

  2. Find Port # 9100 for each printer defined in PSF using IPDS.

  3. Change to new Port # 5001.

  4. Save the changes and then recycle the PSF printer(s) on the host.

Screen capture PSF printer configuration in "Proclib"(Zos/MVS host platform)

File Edit Edit_Settings Menu Utilities Compilers Test Help ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT SYS1.LEX1.PROCLIB(PSFTCPIP) - 01.52 Columns 00001 00072 Command ===============================> Scroll ===> HALF 000175 // FAILURE=WCONNECT, /* PSF ACTION ON PRINTER */ 000176 // TIMEOUT=REDRIVE, /* PSF ACTION ON TIMEOUT */ 000177 // CONNINTV=0, */ 000178 // MGMTMODE=OUTAVAIL, 000179 // DISCINTV=15, /*DISCONNECT INTERVAL IN */ 000180 //********************************************************************/ 000181 //*PE CAN CHANGE IP AND PORT #'S ON NEXT TWO LINES BELOW AS NEEDED */ 000182 //********************************************************************/ 000183 // IPADDR='', * CHANGE IP AS NEEDED HERE */ 000184 // PORTNO= 5001 /* CHANGE PORT AS NEEDED HERE*/ 000185 //PRT8 ENDCNTL


  • This will require a systems programmer or authorized systems operator (QSYSOPR) to go into this member and make this change.
  • Any printer upgraded from an older laser printer will need this port adjustment in the Printer Services Facility (PSF).
  • You will not need to power cycle the printer; however, the PSF on the host will have to be recycled.


This printing anomaly may be caused by Port 9100 for IPDS in your mainframe host configuration or device description.

Several printer ports are available for receiving IPDS jobs when using the printer Standard Network port or MarkNet internal LAN print server.Port descriptions:

  • Port 5001

IPDS port for new or recently purchased printing devices. Important! All printer models with a 2009 or later should use this port.

  • Port 9600

Optional port for IPDS. Mostly used with older printer models.

  • Port 9100

IPDS port for older or legacy printing devices.

Common examples, to include:

  • Optra Series
  • T62x Series
  • T63x Series
  • T64x Series printers
  • W820
  • W840

Still Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, please see Contactinformation.NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your printer machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.


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