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Lexmark E360

Lexmark E360

Paper Jams on E260, E360, and E460 Printers Caused by Narrow Media or Broken Output Sensor

What you will see

Narrow media, or paper stacked too high in the output bin, will cause any of the following feed conditions:

  • Paper jams.
  • Paper jams when performing duplex* print jobs.
  • Pages get pushed off the printer.
  • Incorrect collation order.
  • A subsequent duplex document (i.e., Letter or A4) may cause narrow media to get pulled into the printer, resulting in a paper jam.

* Duplex printing involves the partial exit of a page before it reverses direction and feeds back into the printer in order to print the second side of the page.

Suggested Actions

This is of particular concern if the errant narrow media is A6 format. Should A6 enter the duplex path, it can find its way to a location where the printer’s paper path sensors cannot detect it, thus making it more difficult to locate and remove.

  1. Closely monitor how much paper exits the printer when sending large print jobs using any media narrower than Letter or A4.

  2. Remove media from the output bin before the stack height becomes too tall, and before any subsequent duplex document printing.

  3. If narrow media has entered the duplex path it should be removed via the rear access door or the duplex jam door.

  4. If the errant narrow media was A6 format, extra care should be taken to locate and remove the media from the duplex area because some of the paper may difficult to locate and remove.

  5. Inspect your printer's output sensor to make sure it fully actuates (i.e., not stuck in full position).

  6. Make sure the output sensor flag is not broken or damaged.


This is caused by paper blocking the exit path or the narrow media that may not trigger the paper full sensor.

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