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Lexmark X466

Lexmark X466

Color Scanning Is Not Available in CopyCenter

What you will see

A grayed-out icon on the touchscreen indicates CopyCenter is not allowing color scans.

Recommended actions

Setup a group in Active Directory where members of that group will be allowed to copy in color.

As administrator, perform the following actions:

  • Add the users that you want to be able to scan in color to this group and provide a name; e.g., CopyCenter Color.
  • Go to LMC under Solutions > copycenter > Configuration, and next to Color Group, enter the cnof the Active Directory group; e.g., CopyCenter Color.

Illustration: Attribute Editor depicting < cn > CopyCenter Color

After performing the above steps, the user should be able to toggle the color button in the scan interface.


CopyCenter default behavior is to not allow users to scan in color.

Still need help?

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In order to expedite the support process, please be prepared to provide information regarding your issue; e.g., name and version of solution, problem description, and affected printer models.


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