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Lexmark XS466

Lexmark XS466

Toner (Ink) is leaking onto printed pages and into the printer

Issue description

The toner cartridge appears to be leaking toner. Printed pages contain large black streaks or are completely black.

A large amount of loose toner is noticeable inside the machine.


One of two issues can cause this. The toner cartridge may not be fully seated into the photoconductor unit. This can cause the seal between the two to break, allowing toner to leak out. The other possibility is that the toner cartridge or the photoconductor unit may be damaged. Check the following:

  1. Power off the printer, and then open the front cover.

  2. Remove the toner cartridge and photoconductor unit as one piece.

    1. Grasp the toner cartridge handle and pull up and out.

    2. Place the print cartridge assembly on a flat, clean surface.

  3. Separate the toner cartridge from the photoconductor unit.

    1. Press the button on the base of the photoconductor unit.

    2. Grasp the toner cartridge handle, and pull the toner cartridge up and out.

  4. Inspect the toner cartridge and the photoconductor unit. If any part of the cartridge or the photoconductor is damaged, or if the cartridge is leaking toner while outside the printer, that supply item will need to be replaced.

    Confirm that there are no paper fragments or other obstacles that may prevent the toner cartridge from seating fully with the photoconductor.

    Warning—Potential Damage:  Be careful not to touch the green/blue roller on the photoconductor (image). Doing so may leave a mark on the roller and affect the quality of future print jobs.

    Note:  For information on how to order a replacement cartridge or a photoconductor unit, see Ordering supplies below.

  5. If both pieces appear fine, reinstall the toner cartridge back into the photoconductor unit.

    1. Align the rollers on the toner cartridge with the arrows on the tracks on the photoconductor.

    2. Push the toner cartridge in as far as it will go. It should click into place when correctly installed. Make sure that the toner cartridge is fully seated into the photoconductor unit.

  6. Before reinstallation into the printer, clean the inside of the printer as best you can. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove as much of the loose toner as possible.

  7. Once the inside of the printer is cleaned, reinstall the toner cartridge and photoconductor.

  8. Close the front cover, then power on the printer. Try printing five or six pages and see if the issue begins to clear up.

    • If the issue continues, remove the toner cartridge and photoconductor unit and see if there is more loose toner inside the machine. If so, immediately stop using this toner cartridge and photoconductor unit and replace both items. Continuing to use the printer with a leaking cartridge may contaminate other machine parts and result in the printer requiring service.
    • If the print issue begins to clear, continue using the printer. Pay close attention to the printer to see if the issue returns. If it does return at a later time, immediately stop using this toner cartridge and photoconductor unit. You will have to replace both items.

Additional information

Ordering supplies

To order supplies in the United States and Canada, please visit the Lexmark website at or contact Lexmark at 1-800-539-6275 for information about Lexmark Authorized Supplies Dealers in your area.

In other countries or regions, contact the place where you purchased the printer or visit and select your county or geographic region.

About the use of refilled or refurbished cartridges

Refilling the toner cartridge can cause damage to the cartridge, which can cause it to leak toner. Warranty service does not include repair of failures that are caused by modification, refurbishment, refilling or remanufacture of supplies by a third party, or materials (such as toners and inks) that are not furnished by Lexmark.

If a third-party cartridge is causing this issue, contact the point of purchase to have the cartridge replaced. If the toner cartridge is a Lexmark cartridge that has been refilled or refurbished by any company other than Lexmark, contact the place where the cartridge was refilled to have it replaced.

Is a leaking cartridge eligible for replacement?

If this is an original Lexmark toner cartridge and it is relatively new or unused, it may be eligible for replacement. Contact the point of purchase first as they may have a replacement policy. If the cartridge was purchased directly from Lexmark, contact Lexmark using the phone number or address you used to order the cartridge. If the point of purchase cannot assist you or if you cannot locate the order information used to contact Lexmark, contact Lexmark Technical Support. A representative there may be able to provide more assistance.

IMPORTANT! As noted above, Lexmark does not replace or provide warranty on toner cartridges manufactured by a third party or Lexmark cartridges that have been refilled or reworked by any company other than Lexmark.


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