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Lexmark X466

Lexmark X466

Microsoft Windows 8 Guides and Support Information (October '12)


Topic Publication/Link
Windows 8 Compatibilty Listxref_OS27_xref
Driver Installation Paths in Windows 8; How to Install Lexmark Printer Drivers on a Windows 8 Operating System xref_HO3873_xref
Other Driver Installation Methodsxref_HO3876_xref
How to Use The Windows 8 Print Management Snap-In Toolxref_HO3875_xref
How to Access the Print Queue from the Windows 8 Modern User Interfacexref_HO3874_xref
How to Print From Windows 8xref_HO3868_xref
How to Determine the Version of Windows 8 Pro and Computer InformationHow to Determine the Version and Computer Information of Windows 8 and Windows 10


Topic Publication/Link

The Printer Object Fails to Display After Installing a Lexmark Printer Driver in Windows 8

Various Printer Driver Options are Not Available via Windows 8 'Modern UI' Appsxref_SO7189_xref
Unable to Print After Upgrading to Windows 8 (Inkjet Softblock List Information)xref_SO7206_xref


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