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Lexmark T640

Lexmark T640

Lexmark Print Service Plug-in ? List of Possible Issues, Support and Limitations (October 2014)


This document contains possible concerns list, support, and limitations of the Lexmark Print Service Plug-in (LPSP).

List of possible issues

Issue DescriptionExplanation/Recommended action
The Print button is missing.
  • Not all Android apps implement the Print button.
    For more information, see the app's Help.
  • Make sure that your device is on Android 4.4 or later. Not all versions of Android offer the Print Service Plug-in feature.

Tip! If the Print button is not available, then use the Lexmark Mobile Printing app.

The output is not as expected. The Lexmark plug-in performs a pass-through to the printer or server. It does not execute document conversion or rendering.
Cannot find the printer
Print output is garbage or unreadable.

Content is provided by the third-party app, and not by the plug-in. Moreover, not all printers found will support the output provided by the plug-in.

The printer must support native PDF printing.

LPSP is not available in the Print dialog.
  • Make sure the plug-in is enabled in the Settings > Printing screen.
    Plug-in is OFF by default.
  • Make sure the plug-in was downloaded and installed from the Google Play store app.
File names are quite long and complex.

The file name is generated by the third-party app that creates the content.

You may often see long number sequences or exceptionally long file names.

Selected page size is not followed.

There are times that the selected page size is not followed upon printing. The printer will fit it to whatever is default or available.


  • It depends on the app as to whether the page size is followed in the generated PDF.
  • Gallery always generates "Letter" PDF.
  • Google Chrome follows the selection and generates the PDF accordingly.
Print Settings might vary from printer-to-printer or server-to-server.

Capabilities vary per printer or server. These capabilities are queried when adding the printer or server.

  • Some of the settings are used to generate the print job upon submission, while some are not applied until it is printed.
  • On-Premises print release does not support changing print settings. Color option ONLY is available.
  • While on SaaS print release, print setting may be updated upon printing. Color and Black & white options are available.

Still need help?

If you need additional assistance, please close this window, go to your product's support page and locate

Get In Touch with Lexmark! for contact information.
In order to expedite the support process, please be prepared to provide information regarding your issue, e.g., name and version of app, problem description, and affected printer models.

Additional information may be requested by the support agent.


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