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Lexmark T644

Lexmark T644

How to Install a 250-Sheet or 500-Sheet Drawer Option on a Lexmark T64x Series Printer

ENUS19069 Overview

Optional drawers attach under the printer and optional duplex unit. The printer automatically recognizes any drawer that is installed. NOTE: If you purchased a multifunction option that scans, copies, and faxes, you may need to set up additional furniture first. More information is available on the Lexmark website at drawer option consists of a tray ( A) and a support unit ( B).

The 250-sheet drawer and the 500-sheet drawer are installed the same way. NOTE: If you are installing a 250-sheet or 500-sheet drawer some time after setting up the printer, turn the printer off. It is also helpful to unplug the power cord and disconnect any other cables attached to the printer so that you will be able to move the printer around more easily.

Installation procedure
  1. If you have a 2000-sheet feeder option, it should be set up first as all other feed options and the printer sit on top of it. If not, proceed to step 2.

  2. If this is a newly purchased drawer option, remove the tray from the support unit and then remove all packing material and tape from both the support unit and the tray.

  3. Place the support unit on top of any previously installed drawers, the 2000-sheet feeder option (if there is one), or on the table or printer cabinet where you plan to use the printer. NOTE: There is a tab ( C), a round peg ( D), and square holes ( E) on the top of all drawer options. These will help you position the support unit so the edges are aligned properly. Make sure the support unit is securely in place.

  4. You can now attach any another optional drawer or a duplex unit on top of this drawer. If you have no more options to install, proceed to the next step.

  5. Once all the feed options have been installed, place the printer on top . Ask someone to help you lift the printer by the handholds ( F) and lower it onto the duplex unit or optional drawer. Again, the tab ( C), round peg ( D), and square holes ( E) on top of the drawer or the duplex unit will help you position the printer so the edges are aligned properly. Make sure the printer is securely in place.

    At this point you may choose to attach a label to the front of each tray to indicate the tray number.

  6. Reinstall any disconnected cables.

  7. Power on the printer.

  8. Try printing an internal test page to make sure all the drawer options are reading as installed.


Lexmark a nd Partners below

It is possible to install drawer options from the Lexmark T52x, T62x, and T63x series on printers from the Lexmark T64x series. The chart below shows the compatibilities between the different models. However, it is ALWAYS RECOMMENDED that a customer use only T64x options on the T64x printers. While options from other models may work with this printer, we will NOT warranty service on a T52x, 62x, and T63x drawer option installed on a T64x series printer. IMPORTANT! Only T64x paper trays will fit into the T64x printer. Thus you will not be able to swap trays between T52x, T62x, and T63x printers and options and T64x printers and options.

* Due to speed restrictions, installation of a 250-sheet, 500-sheet, or 2000-sheet option onto a T644 will cause it to run at 45 pages per minute (ppm).



  • Floor-mounted configurations may require additional furniture. You should use either a printer stand or printer base if you are using a 2000-sheet drawer, a duplex unit and an input option, or more than one input option.

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