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Lexmark T644

Lexmark T644

How to Program or Reprogram an Optra Forms Device


Format and program replacement OptraForms card


  • Properly installed replacement Optraforms card.
  • Backed-up "styles" available on a nearby computer.
  • The userflash.fsh and initflash.fsh files have already been obtained from Lexmark.


  1. FTP the userflash.fsh file to the device.

  2. FTP the initflash.fsh file to the device.

  3. Print out a printer directory page and verify the existence of an Optraforms listing.

  4. You can now use FTP or the OptraForms application software to reload your styles to the printer.

An FTP example from a command prompt

StepAction )Illustration example only
1Type FTP

printer's ip address

and press ENTER.

Press Enter for anonymous login.


You may see User default logged in.

4Type bin and press ENTER.

You may see 200 TYPE command successful.

6Type put<

name of file.fsh>


and then press ENTER.
7Observation of file transfer.
8Type bye to end the ftp session and press ENTER.

Reprogamming Existing OptraForms


IMPORTANT! Before you begin, make sure all styles are saved on the computer. This is because reprogramming the device will erase all downloaded styles in the printer. To reprogram the Optra Forms device

  1. From Optra Forms Manager, right-click on the printer you want to reprogram and select Reprogram Device. (If you don't see your printer in the list, add it from the Printer menu.)

  2. When prompted to, enter the following information:

    • Name
    • E-mail
    • Company When you have confirmed this information, a text file named info.txt will be presented.
  3. E-mail the info.txt file to to receive an unlock string. CAUTION!While you are waiting for the password, don't change anything in the printer (settings, codes, and so on).

  4. To complete the reprogramming procedure, enter the unlock string or password received from formhelp. NOTE:It is important to leave the password window open as the procedure will fail if it is closed. Each password is different although the information entered may be identical.


  • The formhelp mail box will be checked twice a day.
  • This procedure can be performed directly by the end user. Proof of purchase may be requested.
  • The password you receive can be used only once. If you experience the same problem again, you will have to request a new password.


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