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Lexmark T640

Lexmark T640

Cannot Get the Toner Cartridge to Fit Into Lexmark T640, T642, or T644 Printer Models

ENUS24528 Overview

If you are having a problem installing the toner cartridge into the printer, try the suggestions listed in this document. IMPORTANT! Do not force the toner cartridge into the printer. Forcing it may break a part on the printer or the cartridge. If none of the suggestions below resolves the issue, please contact Lexmark Technical Support as the printer may require service. See the Additional Assist ance section at the end of this document for contact details.

Problems with Extra High Yield Cartridges in a Lexmark T644

If you are having difficulty getting an Extra High Yield toner cartridge to fit into a Lexmark T644 printer, there may be a problem with the printer. To confirm this issue, try a lower capacity toner cartridge, if you have one available, in the printer. If a smaller capacity toner cartridge fits into the printer and works correctly, the printer may need service to correct the issue with Extra High Yield cartridges. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service center for assistance. See Additional Assistance below for information on how to contact Lexmark Technical Support. If your toner cartridge is not an Extra High Yield capacity cartridge and you cannot get it to fit into a T644 printer, continue with the Suggested Actions section below. IMPORTANT! Only the Lexmark T644 printers are affected by this issue. Extra High Yield toner cartridges cannot be used with the T642 and T640 models under normal operation.

Suggested Actions
  • Confirm that the toner cartridge you are trying to install is designed to be used in a Lexmark T64x series printer ( T640, T642, or T644). Check the label on the toner cartridge and the box the cartridge was shipped in to find out which Lexmark printers this cartridge should be used with. NOTE: Other Lexmark laser printers use toner cartridges that look simi lar. Those toner cartridges will not fit into printers in this series.
  • When installing the cartridge, make sure the upper front cover is all the way up.
  • Make sure to remove all paper and other media from the top of the printer. This will prevent any weight on the front cover keeping it from opening completely.
  • If you have another toner cartridge in stock, try installing it to see if it will fit. If you do not have access to another toner cartridge, make sure to inspect the current toner cartridge for any damage. If the toner cartridge is damaged, it will need to be re placed.
    • First attempt to return the cartridge to the point of purchase and request a refund.
    • If the dealer cannot assist you, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. See the Additional Assistance section at the end of this document for details.NOTE: If this is a refilled or refurbished toner cartridge, or one manufactured by a third party, you will need to contact the point of purchase for a return or refund of the cartridge.
  • Make sure the lower front cover is open.
  • If you have an envelope feeder option installed, remove the option.
  • Check the inside of the printer for any obstructions. Remove any items you find and try reinstalling the toner cartridge again. In addition, inspect the inside of the printer for any rollers or other parts that appear to be loose or damaged.
Additional Assistance

If it appears that the printer will require service or if you need additional assistance with this issue, please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service center. NOTE: When calling Lexmark Technical Support for service, please be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing or the error message on the display. You will also need to provide your printer's Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


Audience:Lexmark T644 printers not accepting an Extra High Yield toner cartridge

Some Lexmark T644 printers have the cartridge blocks installed on the wrong side. See the images below.

  • The printer on the left shows the cartridge block installed in the correct location (highlighted by the green arrow).
  • The printer on the right has the cartridge block installed in the wrong location (highlighted by the red arrow).
If the cartridge block is installed on the wrong side, the extra high yield cartridges will only fit about half-way i nside the printer and the customer will not be able to close the upper front cover.
IMPORTANT! This issue affects ONLY the Lexmark T644(n) models and ONLY the Extra High Yield toner cartridges. All other toner cartridges made for the T64x series will still fit into the printer. The issue requires that the printer be replaced. The cartridge blocks are not replaceable in the field. Please contact your next level of support for more information.


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