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Lexmark T640

Lexmark T640

TSB (Bulletin# T64x_116): T64x/T65x/X64x/X65x ? How to Identify and Correct a Leaking Toner Cartridge Issue

Bulletin# T64x_116Problem Description
Machine Type/Model

4061 4062 7002 7462

There has been a recent increase in the number of service calls where the printer was repaired or replaced for issues involving a leaking toner cartridge.


This article will provide instructions on how identify a print quality issue caused by a leaking cartridge and the recommended actions

Date Created05/12/10
Last Updated05/27/10
Safety Issue?No
Code Update?No
Engineering Change?No
New Parts?No
Old Parts Statusn/a
Voltage: 120/240All
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What you will see

Check for and remove any excessive toner

IMPORTANT! ‘Warranty replacement of the cartridge’ Cleaning the printerIMPORTANT TIPS!
  • Use caution when cleaning the printer. Toner dust can stain carpet, clothing, and other fabrics. The best way to remove toner from fabrics is to use warm, not hot, water and dab at it. Try not to scrub the toner out as that may force it deeper into the material.
  • Do not use compressed air to blow out the toner when cleaning the printer. Spraying the toner will only spread the toner dust deeper into the printer, where it cannot be reached.
1Begin by powering off the printer. In addition, unplug the printer from the wall outlet.

Remove the leaking toner cartridge installed.

IMPORTANT! To seek warranty replacement for the leaking toner cartridge, hold onto it. The cartridge may need to be returned to get credit for any replacement cartridge. For information on how to seek a warranty replacement of a toner cartridge, contact Lexmark Technical Support.

3Using a dry, lint-free cloth, clean out as much of the loose toner as possible.

If you have access to a small toner vacuum, try to vacuum as much of the toner out as you can. If possible, remove the transfer roller and check the area underneath for toner.

IMPORTANT! Use a vacuum equipped with a HEPA or similar type of filter to prevent any airborne contamination.

5Once you have removed as much of the toner as you can, reinstall the transfer roll (if you removed it). Install a different/new toner cartridge.
6Plug the printer in the wall outlet and then power it back on. Confirm that the printer powers up to the 'ready' status.
7Try printing again. If the printer works correctly and the quality of the print is good, continue using the printer. Monitor the printer for the next few days to see if any print quality issues occur.

If the print quality issue continues after replacing the toner cartridge and cleaning the printer, check the charge roll assembly and the transfer roller (see the pictures below). If the surface of either roller appears dirty, take a clean, dry cloth and clean off as much toner as possible.

If either roller surface is damaged, or if you are unable to remove the surface toner, replace that part.

Warranty replacement of the cartridge
  • If a third-party cartridge is installed, the customer will need to contact the point of purchase for questions about, or replacement of, the cartridge.
  • If the cartridge has been refilled or reworked by a third-party, contact the location where the leaking cartridge was refilled to have it replaced.
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